Things that totally happened on Supernatural, 9x10 - “Road Trip”

I ship them. I’ve accepted it.
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I had to reblog this because it’s so true. This is how it starts. This is the conversion in its early stages.

I joined Tumblr back in July of last year to read and blog about Doctor Who. But I kept seeing Supernatural posts on my dashboard (and when I say Supernatural posts, I mean Destiel :D). I thought to myself, “hm, I haven’t watched SPN since season 3. Maybe I should watch it again. That Destiel fellow looks cute.” (yes, I thought Castiel’s name was DESTIEL at first. Some of you did too, DON’T LIE)

I was shipping them before I even finished watching season 3 (THANK YOU TUMBLR), and I was fangirling so hard during “Lazarus Rising” (MY GOD, I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR HOW SMOKIN’ MISHA WAS IN THAT EP).

Obviously, ya’ll know how this ends. Supernatural and Destiel has taken over my blog. This must be a blogger’s version of an origins story.



Misha Collins, I don’t think I can love you more than I do right now.

You know what? I love the entire SPN cast but there’s something about Misha. He is like a little bit of everything and everyone you ever loved.

He is funny and over-confident but he can be shy, introverted and weird too. He is peaceful and he is loud and he talks too much to say nothing, and he tells you stories, the worst ones, the best of all and at the end, you can’t stop yourself from listening to his brutal, I’m-not-sure voice. You look at him sometimes and you know he is playing with your mind, he is acting all the time someone he is not, a character he created to protect himself from people like you, and sometimes, he is so pure, so true, that you just lose yourself between the one he is and the one he decides to show you. And he looks fresh and brand new but he has an old soul, he has been through too much, and he fell too hard, he get up too fast and he made you believe he is all fine but that’s not always true. He is so brave and so strong while he has fears, nightmares and his own Hell on Earth. And he loves what he knows too much, and he loves too hard people he doesn’t know at all -us. And so he trolls us whenever the fuck he wants to and he gives us opportunities and ideas and hopes. And he help us everyday without knowing it, or without believing it, at least. He is too good, and too and too and too everything. Finally, he is just a normal guy who does an amazing job and uses it to get to normal people, and to change them forever. And it makes him so much more than just an actor.

So yeah, there’s something about Misha.